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No list of chat apps is complete without mentioning this megastar. Chatroulette started off with barely anyone on it, then once it hit about 100 users online it struck it big and went viral after a little initial media attention. Now anytime you think of chatting online, you think of Chatroulette, and then you subsequently think of male private parts, but let’s pretend for now that doesn’t ruin the site, and focus on the good! So, this site really hit it big initially, and although it isn’t quite as popular as it was at its peak, it still maintains millions of users every month, and they aren’t going away. In other words, all the naysayers who called it a fad were wrong as could be. The site has seen lots of features come and go, so many that it’s at the point where I don’t really bother keeping track anymore. I will say this much though, right now you have to register / login before you can use it. If I had to guess, that probably helps weed out all the nasty naked dudes, so it’s probably a good thing, even though I know you hate having to register.

Anyway, I just realized I forgot to really describe Chatroulette in its entirety for all you newbs out there. Basically, how it works is you start the game of webcam “roulette”, so you get randomly paired with someone else who is also live video streaming, and then you both have the option of clicking “next” and moving on to the next random connection for yet another chat session, and so on. Basically what this means is you can get skipped over time and time again by people if you aren’t kewl or interesting enough, so be prepared to have your ego deflated, or quite possibly inflated for that matter, depending on what you can do! There are always thousands upon thousands of people online so you probably won’t see the same person twice, but then again, there’s still a chance. In any case, you can check out the site at If you want to learn about its biggest competitor, Omegle, click here.