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  From what I’ve been able to deduce Funyo is owned by the same people that own Chatrandom. I kind of figured this out because when they both were newer they looked exactly the same, had the exact same advertisements, and even pulled software from the exact same location. All together that makes the connection rather obvious. In any event, Funyo itself is very similar to Chatrandom, but there is one main defining difference: Funyo has a social network on top of all the same chat functionality. This makes them I think the only other random roulette webcam chat site besides iMeetzu to have a social network as well. However, Funyo’s social network pales in comparison to iMeetzu’s.

Their social network, although a good idea in itself, simply is lacking in the necessary features, the number of users available at any given time, and control of spammers. Spam control is one of the most fundamental issues that plague every social network, and I’ve even heard it often requires more coding than the social network itself, because spammers are relentless and intense, and they NEVER go away! I hate spam, can you tell? Ha. Anyway, so their social network isn’t all that great yet, but they do still have their roulette video option and a specific local chat rooms for localities all over the world, so I think that kind of makes up for it! Also, you never know when they may roll out a new and improved version of any part of the site, so that in itself makes it worth checking out. You can visit them at