Talk to Just Girls Gay Chat


If you’re looking for a copy of Chatroulette with a focus on French users, this is the site for you. It offers the usual random roulette video chat features and experience in general, no more, no less. I guess you could just call it very ordinary, other than the kind of cool name, ha. And, of course, other than the concentration of users from France, and who doesn’t want to meet a hot French girl? Shika shika bow wow, right? Right. One question that would probably cross your mind before you would even think of visiting a site like this is does the software / server work fast enough and seamlessly? The answer, as far as I can tell, is yes, so you’re all set there. The next question of importance would likely be are there enough users online at any given time to ensure I continuously get fresh faces? Again, to the extent of my knowledge, the answer to this is again yes. BUT, because it isn’t super popular like most of the other sites I’ve reviewed up to this point, there is a higher chance of running into the same person more than once, so be forewarned!

Although the site remains rather popular, it’s had plenty of ups and downs. First it kind of peaked late in 2011, after which it took a massive dive and bottomed out in early 2012, and then it jumped to it’s highest point of users online ever in mid-2012 before settling around where it is now, which is somewhere between. Honestly, I have not a clue what has been causing it to have such massive shifts in visitors, maybe they’re running ad campaigns on and off or something, I have not a clue, but the variance has been quite staggering! Regardless of the massive variance, the site moves along with an average Alexa traffic ranking that is continuously high enough to ensure you have enough people available 24/7 to talk to, so you’re good to go! Visit Bazoocam at