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Sites Like Omegle

One thing we know for sure is that Omegle is freaking awesome. We’ve been using it since clear back in 2009, so we know what we’re talking about! Whether you like it for the fact that it has both text and video separate options, or because it has “spy mode”, or whatever, pretty much everyone has to acknowledge it’s awesomeness. However, that being said, we still find ourselves wanting to find more similar alternatives! It’s only natural – for whatever reason, us humans are just always looking for the next best thing. And so, we here at BestChatApps.com went on the hunt for all the best sites like Omegle, and we did NOT come up empty handed. Rather, we found a whole lot of them. Enjoy!

1. iMeetzu – Read Review

This site is the most similar site to Omegle on the internet. It is the only other site that has both text only and video only chatting options. Plus, it also has a webcam chat rooms feature and a meet strangers social network which is is really great for meeting new people. iMeetzu is about as close as it gets!

2. Chatrandom – Read Review

We like this site because it’s popular and it isn’t just limited to roulette cam chatting. Rather, it also has a video chat rooms function and a live streaming video channels feature, both of which are great alternatives.

3. Chatroulette – Read Review

We’re sure you’ve heard of this famous site many times. However, it really only has one function, which is your standard webcam roulette chat room. Of course, it always has tons of users online, so it’s still worth visiting.

4. Camzap – Read Review

This is a cool similar site but it is a video-only random chat. But, it also has it’s own special user system you can register for which opens up all kinds of cool extra features.

5. Bazoocam – Read Review

This is a pretty plain video roulette chatting site. The major difference is that most of the users here are from France, so if that’s what you’re looking for, bonjour.

6. Stickam – Read Review

7. Streamberry – Read Review

8. WebcamBam – Read Review

9. Funyo – Read Review

10. Chatpig – Read Review

11. Chatville – Read Review

12. Airtime – Read Review – Note: Not many users online anymore.

Sites Like Chatroulette

We were immediately drawn to the vibe Chatroulette gave out from the beginning, and for good reason – the site was and still is straight up awesome. We’ve done more than our fair share of random roulette video chatting, with people from all over the world, and it has been great, so we are definitely thankful for what the site has given us. However, there comes a time when you just feel like branching out and trying something a little different for once, and that led us on a mission to research all the best sites like Chatroulette. On our mission we found both the good and the bad, and believe me, there are a lot of bad. However, here for you today, we are only listing the good. In other words, we’ve already done all the hard work for you! Hurray! Anyway, here’s our cool list:

1. iMeetzu – Read Review

This random chat app is awesome because of the wide variety of options it has in comparison to other sites. iMeetzu has roulette chat for both text only and video only, plus a webcam chat rooms option and a complete social network specifically designed to allow you to meet new people as easily as possible! Visit them for sure!

2. Omegle – Read Review

Another awesome chat site, Omegle provides both text only and cam only roulette chatting options, along with it’s own unique features. The unique extras include something called “spy mode” which you definitely have to give a try as well as the ability to connect to people based on having similar interests.

3. Chatrandom – Read Review

This cool site for video chatting has multiple fun choices for its users. The choices include the usual roulette style, a cam chat rooms option, and something they call multi chat which involves live streaming video channels. Check them out!

4. Camzap – Read Review

Camzap is a roulette webcam chat site with an international user base. In addition, it has it’s own proprietary user registration system that allows each user to basically have their own video channel / chat room that other people can join.

5. Stickam – Read Review

This site provides both a roulette video chat service as well as an entire webcam-based social network where users have their own channels. The key difference with their roulette chat feature is that it is much cleaner content-wise than most others.

6. Bazoocam – Read Review

7. Streamberry – Read Review

8. Funyo – Read Review

9. WebcamBam – Read Review

10. Chatville – Read Review

11. Chatpig – Read Review

12. Airtime – Read Review

We actually don’t think Airtime is that great, because it doesn’t have enough users online, but we list it anyway because it received so much hype that you might want to visit it just for the sake of curiosity.


Chatpig is I believe the most popular German-focused Chatroulette alternative on the market. It provides your usual random video chat service, without any extra bells and whistles. According to Alexa, it’s three month ranking is about 158,000, which is pretty good, and in the last month it’s gone up to about 148,000, so they seem to be growing, which is also good. If you look strictly at their German users, you see they have a ranking of about 18,000 in Germany alone, which is their top source of visitors, which is a clear indicator that their focus has worked out. Thus, if you’re ever looking to meet some German strangers, you know where to go! Although, I’m really not sure what’s up with the name “Chatpig”, don’t really see a correlation between a pig and roulette webcam chatting, but to each their own! Then again, on second thought, could it be related to…say…bratwurst or something? If that’s the reason, it all makes sense now! :)

The color scheme of the site does involve pink so, if you don’t like pink, or if you hate pigs, you might have to avoid this one….lol. In terms of the interface, its pretty typical and easy to use, so no problems there. The software itself seems relatively fast, and the site loads pretty fast, so as far as seamless usability you’re pretty much good to go. The site claims to have over 600 users online, which may or may not be true – with an Alexa rank like what they have I’d guess they actually are around 100 users online, but even that is probably enough to make sure you get a decent rotation of fresh faces while using the service. That about wraps it up, visit Chatpig at www.chatpig.com.


  From what I’ve been able to deduce Funyo is owned by the same people that own Chatrandom. I kind of figured this out because when they both were newer they looked exactly the same, had the exact same advertisements, and even pulled software from the exact same location. All together that makes the connection rather obvious. In any event, Funyo itself is very similar to Chatrandom, but there is one main defining difference: Funyo has a social network on top of all the same chat functionality. This makes them I think the only other random roulette webcam chat site besides iMeetzu to have a social network as well. However, Funyo’s social network pales in comparison to iMeetzu’s.

Their social network, although a good idea in itself, simply is lacking in the necessary features, the number of users available at any given time, and control of spammers. Spam control is one of the most fundamental issues that plague every social network, and I’ve even heard it often requires more coding than the social network itself, because spammers are relentless and intense, and they NEVER go away! I hate spam, can you tell? Ha. Anyway, so their social network isn’t all that great yet, but they do still have their roulette video option and a specific local chat rooms for localities all over the world, so I think that kind of makes up for it! Also, you never know when they may roll out a new and improved version of any part of the site, so that in itself makes it worth checking out. You can visit them at www.funyo.com.


 Airtime is the brainchild of a couple pretty famous entrepreneurs, Sean Parker and Shawn Fawning, the creators of Napster (the first major online music sharing service that set off the digital music industry, etc). Of course, Sean Parker was also instrumental in the growth and success of Facebook, so he’s just a little bit loaded (billionaire). But, if Airtime proves anything, it’s that fame and fortune can’t make an idea work, because it has been basically a complete failure. Before he founded Airtime, Parker apparently approached Chatroulette to see if they could work together, but the founder of Chatroulette refused the request, I guess he didn’t like the direction in which Parker wanted to take his site, and it seems that it’s a good thing he denied the request based on how poorly Airtime has done. Anyway, the idea behind Airtime was to add certain new capabilities to the random roulette video chat concept that would make it a better experience for everyone.

First, they wanted to make the site a Facebook app such that they could hold users accountable for what they broadcast by having their legitimate identity tied to them. This obviously would be an effective means of thwarting the nasty imagery many testosterone-filled men share with us all. However, the Facebook app portion would also serve as a conduit for providing further important features. The issue with Chatroulette, if you want to call it an “issue”, is that you are connected with people 100% randomly, and it can take quite a long time to find someone you can talk to that will have similar interests or want to discuss the same topic you’re looking to talk about with someone. Thus, with Facebook comes a person’s “likes”, which is very valuable data in terms of determining commonalities between two users who could potentially be matched. When you add the “likes” to the mix in terms of determining who should be matched with who, you are much more likely to create a match that lasts more than a fleeting second. Regardless of the benefits, however, things just didn’t work out. The exact reason for the failure is tough to pinpoint, but if I had to venture a guess I would say the loss of anonymity is really what led to Airtime’s demise. People love being able to be anonymous on the internet. Visit Airtime at www.airtime.com.


If you’re looking for a copy of Chatroulette with a focus on French users, this is the site for you. It offers the usual random roulette video chat features and experience in general, no more, no less. I guess you could just call it very ordinary, other than the kind of cool name, ha. And, of course, other than the concentration of users from France, and who doesn’t want to meet a hot French girl? Shika shika bow wow, right? Right. One question that would probably cross your mind before you would even think of visiting a site like this is does the software / server work fast enough and seamlessly? The answer, as far as I can tell, is yes, so you’re all set there. The next question of importance would likely be are there enough users online at any given time to ensure I continuously get fresh faces? Again, to the extent of my knowledge, the answer to this is again yes. BUT, because it isn’t super popular like most of the other sites I’ve reviewed up to this point, there is a higher chance of running into the same person more than once, so be forewarned!

Although the site remains rather popular, it’s had plenty of ups and downs. First it kind of peaked late in 2011, after which it took a massive dive and bottomed out in early 2012, and then it jumped to it’s highest point of users online ever in mid-2012 before settling around where it is now, which is somewhere between. Honestly, I have not a clue what has been causing it to have such massive shifts in visitors, maybe they’re running ad campaigns on and off or something, I have not a clue, but the variance has been quite staggering! Regardless of the massive variance, the site moves along with an average Alexa traffic ranking that is continuously high enough to ensure you have enough people available 24/7 to talk to, so you’re good to go! Visit Bazoocam at www.bazoocam.org.


What? You’ve never heard of Streamberry? Loser. Just kidding, I’m not surprised really, it has kind of flown under the radar and has just recently sort of started moving into the spotlight a little bit. It’s not super popular or anything, but it does have a lot of users, and more than enough to ensure you have a seamless experience, or in other words, there are plenty of fresh faces to keep you entertained and not having to run into the same person over and over again when using the Chatroulette portion of the site. In terms of how they generated their user base in the first place, I really have no clue, because personally I don’t think I ever really saw the site being advertised anywhere, which makes its rise kind of a mystery I suppose. Crazy stuff! The site’s Alexa rank definitely has an upward trend to it, so whatever they’re doing seems to be working, which means…um….good for them!

Anyway, I should probably dive into the details a bit more, in terms of what features they offer and so on and so forth. Basically, when you land on the site there are two main options. First, there is the usual random roulette webcam chat, which doesn’t really need any further explanation other than reinforcing the fact that there are plenty of users online to make the experience work correctly. And second, there is the “live cams” option, which is actually a group live video chatting browser embedded flash software application that runs quite smoothly. Within this app you can both put on your own “show” or watch other people’s “shows”. “Show”, of course, is just a fancy word for live video feed, so that’s whatever. In any case, you can view as many as 4 “shows” at once, and you can see how many people are viewing each different “show” that is available for you to watch. If you’re super duper cool, you can rise up the ranks of the most viewed with your own awesome show, so to give it a try visit Streamberry at www.streamberry.com!


So basically, if you’re looking for a village that you can chat in, this is the place, duh. Well, at least if you consider a village to be a website with group video chat rooms based on flash software and a bunch of people on live webcam feeds doing random stranger-like things. I can tell you’re already convinced this is some sort of ridiculously cool place that will exceed your wildest dreams, so with that in mind I’ll go ahead give you the link, it’s www.chatville.com. There, now with that out of the way I’m free to say anything I want since chances are you already left and aren’t even reading this right now….NOT. Obviously you stuck around to keep reading my awesome commentary, so I shall continue. Here’s the deal, Chatville started as a wannabe Facebook app version of Chatroulette, things didn’t workout so well, so now it reverted to no strings attached totally anonymous chat sessions that end up leading to a bunch of the same old crappy, annoying, and nasty inappropriate materal. ‘Nuff said.

If you still aren’t turned off, which you probably aren’t since well, frankly, anyone interested in roulette chat sites knows the dangers of clicking “next” and what may lie over the horizon, I shall continue. Chatville offers the ability for you to enter a room of your choosing, typically limited to about 200 people, and then watch as many as 4 live video feeds at once. These feeds can all be seen on the user list, and you can also see how many people are currently viewing each of them. This allows you to follow everyone else to the more popular feeds, but just because everyone else likes it doesn’t mean you will, so be warned. The other thing you can do is start your very own live video stream, and try and get as many viewers as possible, and thus become super popular in one chat room on one website among all the sites on the internet, HURRAY! So yea, do that if you want, maybe you can become uber kewl.


 Camzap is a popular Chatroulette alternative that started as basically an exact copy of the random webcam chat granddaddy of them all. It was founded shortly after Chatroulette, and sort of rode the roulette video chat wave to prominence, where it has maintained a strong user base. The user base, however, is a bit different in the sense that it tends to be more international and it tends to involve countries that aren’t emphasized as much with most other popular random chatting sites. For example, Camzap gets a lot more visitors from Iraq than Omegle does. Talk about random (pun totally intended, ha)! At any rate, user base differences aside, you can’t take away from the fact that this site always has plenty of strangers online to chat with, which is the most important thing for any site in this niche, so that in itself should be enough to at least get you to check them out! So, if it is, head right on over to www.camzap.com. If it isn’t, obviously keep reading on for more of my boring blathering.

On top of the usual features you would expect with a site of this nature (you know, the ability to randomly connect with people while running your live video stream and then also seeing their live video streams and then being able to click next to immediately move on to another random person and do the same thing all over again), this site also has a beta version. You might not have even noticed it if I didn’t mention it here because the link is right near the bottom of the page and is very poorly advertised, if you would even call it advertised at all. In any case, once you click the link you get taken to the beta version, as you would expect, and there you see a whole new world of what you may or may not consider awesomeness. In a nutshell, you can register and there is an add to friends button. In other words, you can add people to your friends while you’re playing cam roulette, and save them forever so that you can talk to them again, and all you have to do is point and click, hurray! Okay, I’m done.


 iMeetzu is pretty much in a league of its own within the random chat site niche. Not only does it provide your usual Chatroulette-style chatting option, but it also provides a text-only option similar to Omegle, a group video chat option similar to Chatrandom, AND it’s very own meet a stranger social network. In other words, it literally has it all! Not to mention, they give away a free roulette text chat app for both the iPhone and Android – talk about altruistic! The site itself was started back in 2009 with features about in line with Omegle at the time, which means it was just a text-only random chat, and that was about it. Over time features were added time and time again, including for a while the ability to publish and rate your text conversations within the social network. As cool as that feature was, they eventually get rid of it, citing privacy issues due to personal information being published too often. It was a sad day when that happened, because that was my favorite feature – you could comment on conversations and everything! Oh well.

Anyway, since then iMeetzu has maintained and improved the social network portion of the site by leaps and bounds. If you check it out you’ll find a large, vibrant, unique, fun, and highly entertaining community that includes a large number of extremely dedicated users. I even heard one story about a guy from Europe meeting a girl from the USA and then flying out to meet her and they started dating, so the possibilities are really quite endless with what you can do or who you will meet on this site. It isn’t a formal dating site or anything, so it kind of leaves user usage open to interpretation. There are no sort of expected guidelines as to why you should be on the site, and I think that in itself makes it much more interesting to use. If you find all this to be super intriguing, or at least somewhat interesting, you can check out iMeetzu at www.imeetzu.com.