┬áThis site has recently ascended to what I would probably say is about 3rd place, at least in terms of popularity, among all the sites in the random roulette video chat niche. So yea, that in itself should tell you it’s worth checking out, so if you’re already convinced you can skip my long boring diatribe and visit them at I’ll just go ahead and keep blabbing on about them in the meantime. Basically, this site used some smart marketing tactics to balloon their new visitors to awesome levels and thus create a constant and recurring large users online base that seems to be continuously growing with no slowdown in sight! However, to limit the reasons behind their rise to simply smart marketing probably doesn’t give enough credit, because what they’ve done is added a bunch of extra chatting styles on top of your typical roulette webcam offering, so lets get into that a bit shall we?

First off, yes, they have the Chatroulette basics covered, it works super fast and has lots of users online at any given time, so if that’s all you’re looking for this is a legitimate alternative. However, they takes things much farther by adding two more types of chatting that are highly entertaining. The first one is called simply “chat rooms” on their site, but that doesn’t do it justice. I would call it group live video chat rooms or something more like that, but still, even that doesn’t quite tell you everything, because it’s running on this sweet flash software that has all kinds of nice little features and yea, I guess you’ll just have to check it out for yourself! In any event, they also have yet another chat option called “multi chat” which lets you join multiple different and highly populated rooms where you can see a listing of all the live video feeds, view as many as 4 of them at once, and see how many viewers each feed has in order to help you choose. Of course, you can also start your own feed and try to rise up the ranks of most viewed if you are super entertaining, so that is cool as well.