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 Camzap is a popular Chatroulette alternative that started as basically an exact copy of the random webcam chat granddaddy of them all. It was founded shortly after Chatroulette, and sort of rode the roulette video chat wave to prominence, where it has maintained a strong user base. The user base, however, is a bit different in the sense that it tends to be more international and it tends to involve countries that aren’t emphasized as much with most other popular random chatting sites. For example, Camzap gets a lot more visitors from Iraq than Omegle does. Talk about random (pun totally intended, ha)! At any rate, user base differences aside, you can’t take away from the fact that this site always has plenty of strangers online to chat with, which is the most important thing for any site in this niche, so that in itself should be enough to at least get you to check them out! So, if it is, head right on over to If it isn’t, obviously keep reading on for more of my boring blathering. Update: site no longer exists.

On top of the usual features you would expect with a site of this nature (you know, the ability to randomly connect with people while running your live video stream and then also seeing their live video streams and then being able to click next to immediately move on to another random person and do the same thing all over again), this site also has a beta version. You might not have even noticed it if I didn’t mention it here because the link is right near the bottom of the page and is very poorly advertised, if you would even call it advertised at all. In any case, once you click the link you get taken to the beta version, as you would expect, and there you see a whole new world of what you may or may not consider awesomeness. In a nutshell, you can register and there is an add to friends button. In other words, you can add people to your friends while you’re playing cam roulette, and save them forever so that you can talk to them again, and all you have to do is point and click, hurray! Okay, I’m done.