Talk to Just Girls Gay Chat


So basically, if you’re looking for a village that you can chat in, this is the place, duh. Well, at least if you consider a village to be a website with group video chat rooms based on flash software and a bunch of people on live webcam feeds doing random stranger-like things. I can tell you’re already convinced this is some sort of ridiculously cool place that will exceed your wildest dreams, so with that in mind I’ll go ahead give you the link, it’s There, now with that out of the way I’m free to say anything I want since chances are you already left and aren’t even reading this right now….NOT. Obviously you stuck around to keep reading my awesome commentary, so I shall continue. Here’s the deal, Chatville started as a wannabe Facebook app version of Chatroulette, things didn’t workout so well, so now it reverted to no strings attached totally anonymous chat sessions that end up leading to a bunch of the same old crappy, annoying, and nasty inappropriate materal. ‘Nuff said.

If you still aren’t turned off, which you probably aren’t since well, frankly, anyone interested in roulette chat sites knows the dangers of clicking “next” and what may lie over the horizon, I shall continue. Chatville offers the ability for you to enter a room of your choosing, typically limited to about 200 people, and then watch as many as 4 live video feeds at once. These feeds can all be seen on the user list, and you can also see how many people are currently viewing each of them. This allows you to follow everyone else to the more popular feeds, but just because everyone else likes it doesn’t mean you will, so be warned. The other thing you can do is start your very own live video stream, and try and get as many viewers as possible, and thus become super popular in one chat room on one website among all the sites on the internet, HURRAY! So yea, do that if you want, maybe you can become uber kewl.