What? You’ve never heard of Streamberry? Loser. Just kidding, I’m not surprised really, it has kind of flown under the radar and has just recently sort of started moving into the spotlight a little bit. It’s not super popular or anything, but it does have a lot of users, and more than enough to ensure you have a seamless experience, or in other words, there are plenty of fresh faces to keep you entertained and not having to run into the same person over and over again when using the Chatroulette portion of the site. In terms of how they generated their user base in the first place, I really have no clue, because personally I don’t think I ever really saw the site being advertised anywhere, which makes its rise kind of a mystery I suppose. Crazy stuff! The site’s Alexa rank definitely has an upward trend to it, so whatever they’re doing seems to be working, which means…um….good for them!

Anyway, I should probably dive into the details a bit more, in terms of what features they offer and so on and so forth. Basically, when you land on the site there are two main options. First, there is the usual random roulette webcam chat, which doesn’t really need any further explanation other than reinforcing the fact that there are plenty of users online to make the experience work correctly. And second, there is the “live cams” option, which is actually a group live video chatting browser embedded flash software application that runs quite smoothly. Within this app you can both put on your own “show” or watch other people’s “shows”. “Show”, of course, is just a fancy word for live video feed, so that’s whatever. In any case, you can view as many as 4 “shows” at once, and you can see how many people are viewing each different “show” that is available for you to watch. If you’re super duper cool, you can rise up the ranks of the most viewed with your own awesome show, so to give it a try visit Streamberry at!