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 This site has recently ascended to what I would probably say is about 3rd place, at least in terms of popularity, among all the sites in the random roulette video chat niche. So yea, that in itself should tell you it’s worth checking out, so if you’re already convinced you can skip my long boring diatribe and visit them at www.chatrandom.com. I’ll just go ahead and keep blabbing on about them in the meantime. Basically, this site used some smart marketing tactics to balloon their new visitors to awesome levels and thus create a constant and recurring large users online base that seems to be continuously growing with no slowdown in sight! However, to limit the reasons behind their rise to simply smart marketing probably doesn’t give enough credit, because what they’ve done is added a bunch of extra chatting styles on top of your typical roulette webcam offering, so lets get into that a bit shall we?

First off, yes, they have the Chatroulette basics covered, it works super fast and has lots of users online at any given time, so if that’s all you’re looking for this is a legitimate alternative. However, they takes things much farther by adding two more types of chatting that are highly entertaining. The first one is called simply “chat rooms” on their site, but that doesn’t do it justice. I would call it group live video chat rooms or something more like that, but still, even that doesn’t quite tell you everything, because it’s running on this sweet flash software that has all kinds of nice little features and yea, I guess you’ll just have to check it out for yourself! In any event, they also have yet another chat option called “multi chat” which lets you join multiple different and highly populated rooms where you can see a listing of all the live video feeds, view as many as 4 of them at once, and see how many viewers each feed has in order to help you choose. Of course, you can also start your own feed and try to rise up the ranks of most viewed if you are super entertaining, so that is cool as well.


No list of chat apps is complete without mentioning this megastar. Chatroulette started off with barely anyone on it, then once it hit about 100 users online it struck it big and went viral after a little initial media attention. Now anytime you think of chatting online, you think of Chatroulette, and then you subsequently think of male private parts, but let’s pretend for now that doesn’t ruin the site, and focus on the good! So, this site really hit it big initially, and although it isn’t quite as popular as it was at its peak, it still maintains millions of users every month, and they aren’t going away. In other words, all the naysayers who called it a fad were wrong as could be. The site has seen lots of features come and go, so many that it’s at the point where I don’t really bother keeping track anymore. I will say this much though, right now you have to register / login before you can use it. If I had to guess, that probably helps weed out all the nasty naked dudes, so it’s probably a good thing, even though I know you hate having to register.

Anyway, I just realized I forgot to really describe Chatroulette in its entirety for all you newbs out there. Basically, how it works is you start the game of webcam “roulette”, so you get randomly paired with someone else who is also live video streaming, and then you both have the option of clicking “next” and moving on to the next random connection for yet another chat session, and so on. Basically what this means is you can get skipped over time and time again by people if you aren’t kewl or interesting enough, so be prepared to have your ego deflated, or quite possibly inflated for that matter, depending on what you can do! There are always thousands upon thousands of people online so you probably won’t see the same person twice, but then again, there’s still a chance. In any case, you can check out the site at www.chatroulette.com. If you want to learn about its biggest competitor, Omegle, click here.


 Omegle is one of the coolest if not the coolest random roulette chat website on the market. Not only is it mad kewl, but it also was basically the first every site to really invent and start using the whole random chatting concept. A lot of people don’t know this, but back when Omegle was founded in 2008 Chatroulette did not even exist yet! Yes, Omegle only had a text option, but they still came first with the concept in general, so make sure you give credit where it’s due! In any case, they obviously added the webcam option when Chatroulette emerged and went viral with lots of press, because, people wanted it and there was no reason for them not to broaden their own offerings. But the simple fact that Omegle provides a text-only version isn’t the only thing that separates them from their archrival.

Thing is, Omegle likes to be an innovator, and as such, they added some sweet extra features that really set them apart from the competition. The first one is something called spy mode. Spy mode allows you to spy on people, as you might expect, but what exactly does that entail? Well, first you have to pose a question or make a statement of some sort. Once you’ve come up with that first part, you type it in and watch as two totally random people argue with one another about whatever it is you asked or said. Or, maybe they don’t argue, maybe they agree. Or, if neither of them like what you said, they may just literally both start ragging on you about how awful or stupid whatever you said happened to be. Really, the possibilities are endless!

The second extra feature that sets Omegle apart is the interests feature, which allows you to put in your interests and then get connected with other people who have similar interests. That is pretty darn cool, because it helps eliminate some of the massive “nexting” you have to do otherwise in order to find someone who wants to talk with you about the same topic you wish to talk about – it’s a real time saver, and frankly, it’s quite possible that without it you may NEVER find that person who wants to talk about that really ultra specific topic. Yea, I know, never say never, but you get the idea :) . In any event, you can visit Omegle at www.omegle.com.


Stickam logo Stickam is a live streaming video chat platform that focuses on broadcasting and having your own channel people can view. People have their own niche radio shows that are planned out with pre-written material, and people also have channels where they simply go online and essentially just hangout with whoever comes by. The “hangout” style channels can actually be just as popular as the planned out ones, either if the person is just very entertaining in general, or, quite frankly, if the person is just very good looking. I suppose it would seem that a combination of the two aforementioned qualities tends to do the best of all, but you get the idea. The cool thing about these channels is you can have as many as five other people also broadcasting their own live webcam streams within the same channel room. This, of course, can make a specific channel much more entertaining. If you’re already intrigued, you can check Stickam out at www.stickam.com. If not, keep reading.

The Stickam app community itself is quite popular, and you can see this by all the constant activity occurring right on the homepage, but another way to know for sure is to check out Stickam’s Alexa ranking information. A quick look confirms what I expected, they’re consistently one of the top 10,000 most visited websites int he world, with majority of US-based visitors. So yea, the site definitely isn’t lacking when it comes to having plenty of people online to chat with! And don’t get me wrong here, there are plenty of people from other countries too, so if you’re trying to branch out you also won’t be disappointed.

In terms of Chatroulette and having a similar type of functionality, Stick actually does! This is kind of surprising, because most major video streaming sites such as Tinychat seem to avoid having any sort of random or roulette chatting option, but Stickam does not. In fact, they even have their own special name for it, it’s called Stickam Shuffle. The good thing about it is they are very strict on keeping out people who get naked. The bad part about it is you have to be registered, and thus, there is that lack of anonymity so many of us crave. However, personally, I think it’s worth it if you don’t have to deal with the nastiness of your typical roulette site, just saying!

Time To Groove

Yes, the time has come to get our groove on, or in easier to understand terms, get to work on this new sweet resource for finding the best chat apps on the web. We plan to go into ridiculous detail here, we want to take chatting applications and dissect them down to their very core, whether it’s demographics, functionality, interface, design, you name it and we probably, or should I say almost definitely, plan to cover it. This should, in theory, set us apart from any other supposed review sites or whatever you want to call them. Well, that and the simple fact that we’re probably cooler than everyone else, just saying. And even if we aren’t the coolest, well, we’re definitely the smartest, so you should still come back. Ummm, yea, so we’ll cover all those apps and what not, we’ll include sites like, say, Chatrandom, Tinychat, and so on and so forth. BUT, we won’t be limited to just popular ones like those, we’ll try to make sure to include some of the smaller up and coming or just plain more unique type players in the niche, we’ll give you the full 360 report, so yea, make sure you get back here sometime soon!