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Chatpig is I believe the most popular German-focused Chatroulette alternative on the market. It provides your usual random video chat service, without any extra bells and whistles. According to Alexa, it’s three month ranking is about 158,000, which is pretty good, and in the last month it’s gone up to about 148,000, so they seem to be growing, which is also good. If you look strictly at their German users, you see they have a ranking of about 18,000 in Germany alone, which is their top source of visitors, which is a clear indicator that their focus has worked out. Thus, if you’re ever looking to meet some German strangers, you know where to go! Although, I’m really not sure what’s up with the name “Chatpig”, don’t really see a correlation between a pig and roulette webcam chatting, but to each their own! Then again, on second thought, could it be related to…say…bratwurst or something? If that’s the reason, it all makes sense now! 🙂

The color scheme of the site does involve pink so, if you don’t like pink, or if you hate pigs, you might have to avoid this one….lol. In terms of the interface, its pretty typical and easy to use, so no problems there. The software itself seems relatively fast, and the site loads pretty fast, so as far as seamless usability you’re pretty much good to go. The site claims to have over 600 users online, which may or may not be true – with an Alexa rank like what they have I’d guess they actually are around 100 users online, but even that is probably enough to make sure you get a decent rotation of fresh faces while using the service. That about wraps it up, visit Chatpig at